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Regional Decree No. 6-pr validating the Regulation on the creation of Sheremetyevsky natural park in the Vyazemsky municipal district of the Khabarovsk Territory.

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Sheremetyevsky natural park includes natural and anthropogenic historical complexes and objects of ecological, aesthetic, historical and cultural significance and intended for use for nature conservation, educational and recreational purposes. The formation of natural park does not entail expropriation of land plots from land tenants, landowners and possessors of land plots, as well as restrictions of the powers of the border authority envisaged by the legislation on the State Border of the Russian Federation. The purpose of creating natural park is to preserve the floristic and faunistic diversity, natural balance of ecosystems of floodplains of the Ussuri River and the organization of the territory for rational economic management and recreation of the population. The natural park shall perform the following tasks: (a) preservation of the natural environment, natural landscapes; (b) conservation of rare and endangered animal and plant species; (c) environmental education of the population; (d) creating conditions for regulated tourism and recreation, preserving recreational resources; (e) conducting ecologically adapted economic activities; (f) development and implementation of effective methods of nature conservation and maintaining ecological balance in the conditions of recreational use of the territory of the natural park; (g) implementation of environmental monitoring; and (h) restoration of damaged natural complexes and objects.
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18. 01. 2016 6- r. .