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Regional Law 734-OZ On regulation of some issues of apiculture .

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This Regional Law regulates individual issues in the field of apiculture in the regional territory and determines powers of the regional state authorities in the field of apiculture. Beekeepers have the right to: (a) use agricultural land and other land for beekeeping, if beekeeping is allowed by land tenure regime, as well as to use land plots provided or purchased for running personal subsidiary smallholdings; (b) receive veterinary services when carrying out activities for prevention and elimination of bee diseases, their treatment, control of pests in bee colonies; (c) receive from regional government authorities within their competence timely, complete and reliable information about the state of environment, as well as situations that pose a danger to bees; and (d) exercise other rights in the field of apiculture provided for regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation and the region. Beekeepers are required to: (a) comply with veterinary and sanitary standards and rules for keeping bees; (b) follow the instructions of specialists in the field of veterinary medicine who are authorized persons of bodies and organizations included in the system of State Veterinary Service of the Russian Federation, on conducting measures to prevent bee diseases and combat these diseases; and (c) perform other duties in the field of beekeeping provided for by regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation and the region. The conservation of bees is ensured by beekeepers, unions (associations) of beekeeping farms, as well as by authorized bodies within the limits of their competence through the organization of activities carried out in accordance with the veterinary legislation of the Russian Federation related to measures to prevent and eliminate bee diseases, prevention of bee poisoning by pesticides and agrochemicals, by preservation of breeding beekeeping products.
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This Regional Law enters into force on 29 June 2021.
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