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Regional Law No. 7-2589 amending Regional Law No. 12-6092 On regulation of hunting and conservation of hunting resources .

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This Regional Law establishes that hunting permits in public hunting areas are issued by the authorized regional executive body in the field of protection and regulation of wild fauna species to physical persons hunting in publicly accessible hunting grounds (hunters). Distribution of permits between hunters is carried out: (a) within the limits of hunting quotas related to wild fauna species for which limit has been set; (b) within the limits of permissible hunting resources and norms with the consideration of carrying capacity of hunting grounds; and (c) regardless of the norms of permissible hunting quotas and norms related to carrying capacity of hunting grounds - for hunting for the purpose of regulating the number of game. The distribution of permits is carried out for publicly accessible hunting land located within the boundaries of one municipal district, regional municipal district, during the hunting season from August 1 of the current calendar year until July 31 of the next calendar year (hunting season). Distribution of permits is carried out on the basis of applications of hunters for the issuance of permits. To participate in the distribution of permits, the hunter submits an application to the authorized body in the manner established by the federal legislation. The deadline for submitting applications for permits begins 15 calendar days before the start of the hunting period for the relevant species or a group of species of hunting resources and continues until the end of the hunting period.
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This Regional Law enters into force ten days after the date of its official publication.
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21.03.2024 7-2589 .