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Regional Law No. 82-RZ On protection of the green vegetation .

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This Regional Law regulates some relations in the field of protection of green vegetation (urban recreational forests) in urban districts, urban and rural inhabited areas. Green fund shall be intended a set of territories covered by forests and green vegetation. Green vegetation shall be intended tree and shrubbery vegetation of natural and artificial (planted) origin growing (located) within the boundaries of green fund. Compensatory greening shall be intended reforestation (reproduction) of green fund in place of damaged or destroyed. Conservation of green spaces includes soil tillage, irrigation, fertilization, garbage collection and other activities, including those related to pest and disease control of green vegetation. Control of pests and diseases in green vegetation areas shall be achieved by using high quality planting material, monitoring of the condition and the state of green areas, timely detection of pest and disease foci, as well as prevention measures against diseases and pest foci, their localization and elimination. The following activities shall be prohibited within urban forests (green vegetation areas): (a) illegal felling and timber extraction; (b) repairs and washing of motor vehicles; (c) littering of the territory; and (d) other activities damaging green fund.
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This Regional Law enters into force after its official publication.
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82- .