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Agricultural Development Fund Law, issued by Royal Decree No.M/9 of 2009 (1430 Hegira).

Type of law

This Law consisting of 12 articles aims at establishing a fund to help the development of a sustainable agriculture in the Kingdom, taking into account the environmental protection and water conservation and its rational use, through the provision of soft loans (small and medium loans, in cash or in-kind) and the necessary credit facilities. Their main objectives are: encourage the cultivation of agricultural crop; develop breeding and fishery, together with storage and marketing their products; encourage the industry localization, in particular of the techniques for the rationalization of water use; protect the agricultural associations; protect the small enterprises that provide services to the agricultural sector.
The Law also indicates the powers of the Fund, its management structure and its sources of financing.
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Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force 90 days after its publication in the Official Gazette.
This Law repeals Royal Decree No. 58 of 1963 (1382 Hegira) establishing the Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank.
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( \9) 1\2\1430