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Decree on the detailed content and manner of preparation of the water management plan.

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This Regulation of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, which is composed of 48 articles and one Annex, lays down in detail the content and method of preparing water management plans. This regulation also sets out in detail the content and method of preparing the detailed plan of water management. Water management plan and its amendments should be prepared on the basis of the work program for the preparation of water management. This Regulation is composed of the following Sections: General provisions (Sec. 1); Method of preparing water management plan (Sec. 2); Detailed content of water management plan (Sec. 3); Detailed criteria for the preparation of water management plan (Sec. 4); The form of water management plan (Sec. 5); Data sources (Sec. 6); Special provisions for detailed water management plans (Sec. 7); Final provision (Sec. 8).
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This Regulation originally entered into force on 25 March 2006.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia 26/2006-74/2016
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Uredba o podrobnej i vsebini in nacinu priprave nacrta upravljanja voda.