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Decree laying down requirements for fuel quality and maintaining operational records on fuel.

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This Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Regional Development, which is composed of 11 articles and four Annexes, establishes requirements for the quality of: (1) solid fossil fuels which are designed to burn in combustion plants with a rated thermal input of up to 0.3 MW; (2) liquid petroleum fuels intended for combustion in stationary sources of air pollution (3) liquid and gaseous which are designed to burn in combustion engines, stationary sources or in internal combustion engines, traction engines and other mobile sources of air pollution. The present Decree lays down also requirements for maintaining operational records, extent, type and method of providing data to the business that manufactures, imports and sells fuel and to the district office.
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This Decree enters into force on 15 September 2010.
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Collection of Laws 362 of 2010
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Vyhl ka, ktorou sa ustanovuj po iadavky na kvalitu pal v a vedenie prev dzkovej evidencie o paliv ch.