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Law No. 31 of 16 November 2005 on Water Legislation.

Type of law

The aim of this Law is to regulate the use of water. It is composed of 11 Sections divided into 57 articles. Chapter I gives terms and definitions. Chapter II deals with public water in particular: internal water; marine water; coasts; and the Syrian share of the international waters. Chapter III provides for the confirmation and validation of acquired rights on public water. Chapter IV pertains to the liquidation of acquired rights on public water. Chapter V addresses Governmental water nets. Chapter VI refers to licences for well digging and for pumping installations. Chapter VII contains offences and penalties. Chapter VIII deals with the Water Curbing Force entrusted to control violations and offences. Chapter IX provides for drilling. Chapter X establishes the Water Use Associations. Chapter XI contains general provisions.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
This Law enters into force on 16 November 2005
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Serial Imprint
Official Gazette No. 49, 7 December 2005, 9 pp.
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Legislation Amendment
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31 2005