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Law No. 1001 On organic agriculture and organic production .

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This Law establishes legal and organizational basis for biological management and shall have as its scope processing, handling, storage, transport, packaging, labelling and trade of organic production. Biological farming shall be intended a form of agricultural activities that contribute to the preservation of the natural balance of living organisms and the environment in which to grow plants, perform animal care and control of pests and diseases, using only natural nutritional and non-chemical substances and means. Biological production shall be intended agricultural production process carried out without the use of artificial chemicals (mineral fertilizers, pesticides, means regulating the development of plants, food additives to feed of farm animals), as well as certification and turnover of environmentally friendly products. State register of environmentally friendly products is state information base on environmentally friendly products, management of which is carried out by the authorized state body in the field of business and biological production. Basic targets of this Law shall be as follows: (a) defining the principles of biological management and production; (b) establishing rules for the production, processing, storage, transportation, packaging, labeling and sale of environmentally friendly products in accordance with the requirements of biological production; (c) determining the introduction of biological methods to improve the quality of environmentally friendly products; (d) application of biological methods to obtain adequate quality biological products; (e) development of a market for environmentally friendly products; and (f) implementation of a system for the rational use of environmentally friendly products and natural resources. Organic production shall be subject to certification in conformity with technical regulations and standards acting on the national territory.
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