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Forestry Regulations (Cap. 147).

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These Regulations concern the use of timber, permits to carry out small-scale felling, and the exportation of logs. A timber licence shall be in the form of Schedule 3. An Agreement between an applicant for a licence and the owner of land shall be in the form as set in Schedule 2. Regulation 5 sets out conditions for the granting of a licence or attached to a licence. The licensee shall keep a separate felling register for each agreement. A condition for the granting of a licence is a bankers' guarantee of available financial resources of the applicant. Wood using plants shall be registered under regulation 12. Regulations 15 to 19 concern licences for the utilisation of coconut timer. (22 regulations completed by 17 Schedules)
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Consolidated version of Order No. 10 of 1984 as amended last by Order No. 56 of 1985.
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Official publication, 45 pp.
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