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Forestry Regulations (Cap. 276).

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These Regulations implement provisions of the Forestry Act in relation with a wide variety of matters including: negotiation and approval of an agreement for the acquisition of timber rights; timber permits and forestry leases; application for, granting of and suspension of a timber licence; a Notice of non-compliance with legislation or licence conditions; Notice of suspension of licence to prevent worsening of dispute between custom owners of land; protection of the environment; and export permits for the exportation of timber or any other forest product. Various forms are set out in the Schedule, including: a form of a declaration by a Forest Investigation Officer of indigenous groups entitled to sell timber rights under section 20(4)(b) of the Act, a form of approval of an application to negotiate under section 19(5)(a) of the Act and a form of agreement for the acquisition of timber rights under section 26(1)(a) of the Act.
The powers and duties of a Management Committee established under section 25 of the Act, the manner of its appointment, and the performance of its functions are as set out in Schedule 9. As for environment protection, forms are prescribed for an application for land to be declared a Conservation Area under section 50(1) of the Act and a Declaration of a Conservation Area under section 50(3), and a list of protected plant species for purposes of section 53(1) of the Act is set out in Schedule 7.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of 2006 of Order No. 46 of 2003 as amended by Order No. 41 of 2004.
Serial Imprint
Laws of the Republic of Vanuatu, Consolidated Edition of 2006.
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