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Regulations relating to foodstuffs for infants and young children (R. No. 991 of 2012).

Type of law

These Regulations prescribe rules relative to composition, use, advertisement and labelling of food intended for infants, i.e. person under the age of 12 months and for children up to 12 years of age. These Regulations place restrictions on the sale of food that does not meet the standards or requirements as defined in these Regulations and require certain nutritional and other information to be written on labels attached to foodstuffs to which the Regulations apply. The Regulations introduce the classification of "designated products" (here defined but the scope of its definition may be extended by the Minister) and provide rules for the manufacturing, packaging and labelling of such products. The Regulations provide special rules for food for infants and children with a specific medical condition and for specified food and food equipment.
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Government Gazette No. 35941 of 6 December 2012.
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