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Environmental Management (Control of Hazardous Substances) (General) Regulations, 2018 (S.I. No. 268 of 2018).

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These Regulations, made under the Environmental Management Act, provide rules relative to the placing on the market of a hazardous substance, i.e. any substance, whether solid, liquid, or gaseous or any organism which is injurious to human health or the environment (and including hazardous waste). The Regulations concern, among other things, packaging and labelling of substances, precautions in handling and storing of substances, and, in part, also concern importation. Manufacturing, storing, selling, using, importing, exporting, transporting, of hazardous substances or movement thereof shall be licensed or permitted. No person shall use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or any toxic substances for public health pest control or veterinary vector control or for large scale commercial farming without a licence issued by the Agency in terms of These regulations. Table 1 of Schedule 3 lists blacklisted pesticides and pesticides not registered in Zimbabwe. The transit through Zimbabwe of hazardous substances is prohibited unless under a transit permit and (a) such substances are exported by or imported to a State (i) that is a contracting party to the Basel Convention; or (ii) under a bilateral or multilateral agreement to which both States are a party.
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Supplement to the Zimbabwean Government Gazette of 7 December 2018.
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