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Forest Amendment Act, 2021.

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This Resolution amends the principal Act by inserting Section 2A listing the Guiding Principles, summarized in the following (i) Protecting biodiversity and ecological integrity; (ii) Increasing sustainable plantation forests; (iii) Preserving the diverse functions and values of forests; (iv) Enhancing land productivity through tree planting; (v) Recognizing urban trees' multifaceted value; (vi) Promoting trade in competitive wood products; (vii) Encouraging sustainable non-timber resource use; (viii) Emphasizing flexible and science-based forest management; (ix) Stressing public knowledge and indigenous practices; (x) Acknowledging forests' role in climate change; (xi) Advocating for dynamic, accountable forest laws; (xii) Highlighting efficient institutions for conservation; (xiii) Integrating forestry across sectors for effective management; (xiv) Encouraging multi-stakeholder participation; (xv) Promoting women's involvement in forest management; (xvi) Aligning national policies with regional commitments; (xvii) Ensuring equal employment opportunities and non-discrimination. Another amendment concerns the appointment of the members of the Forestry Commission referred to in Article 5, for a period that becomes 4 years instead of 3 as in the past. Furthermore, it is indicated that at least half of the members must be women.
Article 8 expands the Commission's responsibilities to include issuing orders to individuals, compelling them to implement specific measures for forest protection. Additionally, the Commission gains the authority to inspect private lands when the owner or occupier intends to dispose of indigenous timber (amendment to Article 55). Amendments modify the provisions and upkeep of fireguards on common boundaries (Article 68) and the orders related to fireguards (Article 69). Lastly, a new article is introduced to address appeals against Commission decisions.
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