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Forest (Control of Firewood, Timber and Forest Produce) Regulations, 2012 (S.I. No. 116 of 2012).

Type of law

These Regulations, made by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Management, in terms of sections 65 and 89 of the Forest Act, provide rules relating to control of the sale or trade in firewood and timber and to some other matters concerning forest produce. Trade in firewood or timber requires a district firewood trader's licence or a timber trader's licence. The Regulations also provide with respect to licences to transport or export of firewood or timber and a licence for the use of firewood for tobacco-curing. Licences shall be issued by District Forest Extension Officer and, under a special arrangement, by local licensing officers. Every licensing authority shall establish a register of licences to be known as a Firewood and Timber Licensing Register. A flame-cured tobacco farmer shall apply for a flue- or flame curing firewood licence if he or she does not have a compliant tobacco farm woodlot, does not obtain a licence from a trader or uses exclusively other means of tobacco-curing. The Regulations also provide with respect to a notification required for intention to dispose of indigenous timber in accordance with section 55 of the Act.
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Official Gazette of 2012.
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