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National Water Management Plan Ordinance 2009.

Type of law

The present Ordinance by the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Forestry, the Environment and Water Resources lays down provisions relating to the establishment of a national water management plan. In particular, the plan deals, inter alia, with the following aspects: description of the characteristics of river basins, environmental impact assessment, monitoring, environmental objectives, public participation, competent authorities, impact of climate change on Austrian waterbodies. The text consists of 16 articles divided into 9 Parts as follows: General provisions Objectives and sphere of application (1); Considerably modified and artificial water bodies and their classification (2); Objectives and measures - surface waters Gradual achievement of objective (3); Objectives and measures groundwater gradual achievement of objective (4); Objectives and measures for protected areas (5); Objectives and measures to promote the development of water resources (6); Objectives and measures to reduce the risk of water pollution by technical installations (7); Objectives and measures for adequate incentives for a sustainable and efficient use of water resources (8); Final provisions (9).
Date of text
Serial Imprint
Bundesgesetzblatt f r die Republik sterreich, Part II, No. 103, 30 March 2010, 5 pp.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Nationale Gew sserbewirtschaftungsplanVO 2009 NGPV 2009.