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Vienna Energy and Climate Law Implementation Act 2020 - WERUG.

Type of law
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This Law implements the EU regulations with respect to energy and climate laws. The Law provides for measures by the State of Vienna with regard to climate protection, security of energy supply, energy efficiency, development of renewable energy sources and expansion of district heating and cooling supply and network in Vienna. The Law provides for construction and modernization of energy facilities including for thermal power and electricity generation plants and facilities to generate waste heat or consume waste heat in the production process. The text further provides for a cost-benefit analysis, approval requirements, data processing and rendering information. The Law further lays out for establishment of a central contact point for energy generation systems based on renewable energy resources. The text contains 19 Articles divided into 5 Sections.
Long title of text
Gesetz zur Umsetzung von Rechtsvorschriften der EU im Energie- und Klimabereich.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated version of the Vienna Energy and Climate Law Implementation Act as published in LGBl. Nr. 29/2022.
Publication reference
LGBl. Nr. 12/2021.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Wiener Energie- und Klimarechts-Umsetzungsgesetz 2020 - WERUG 2020.