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Law on feed.

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This Law sets the necessary rules and requirements aimed at governing over the animal feed and medicated animal feed, including the measures and conditions for ensuring the feed hygiene and feed safety. See article 1 for the list of European union Regulations that are observed and adopted by this text.
Chapters are: General provisions (I); Feed requirements (II); Manufacturing, processing, storage, transportation, placing on the market and use of feed (III); Requirements for feed sector operators (IV); Official control of feed (V); Import, export and re-export of feed (VI); Medicinal feed (VII); Professional organization of operators in the feed sector (VIII); Administrative and penalty provisions (IX). This Law establishes the relations and implementation obligations related to several sectoral European Union and Council documents that are fully listed in the article 1, paragraph 8.
This Law further defines the verification of necessary compliance, official controls and inspections rules; requirements for all phases of production and processing; and also sets the transport, storage, packaging, labelling, international and national trade, presentation and advertising rules to be respected by all substances and products recognized, classified and used as animal feed, to be applied and respected at all stages of its production and processing course.
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This Law enters into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria 55/2006-7/2013
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