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Law on irrigation associations.

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This Law governs the structure and activity of irrigation associations, that are sustained by the government, as regard the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. The functions of the supervisory authority shall be exercised by the Minister of agriculture, food and forestry.
Irrigation associations are voluntary organizations of natural and legal persons, founded on the principle of public interest mutual assistance and cooperation, in relation with all needs of irrigation and drainage of agricultural lands.
Main tasks of such associations are as follows: operation, maintenance and reconstruction of hydro-meliorative infrastructure, exploitation, maintenance and reconstruction of irrigation infrastructure; construction of new irrigation and drainage systems and facilities; supply and distribution of water for irrigation; extraction of surplus water from agricultural lands; implementation of agromeliorative and agrotechnical measures for improvement of the state of agricultural land; fish breeding and breeding of waterfowl.
This Law also contains the provisions on administrative penalties and related offences (see Chapter ten).
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This Law entered into force on the day of its publication in the Official Gazette.
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Official Gazette of the Republic of Bulgaria 34/2001-58/2017.
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