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Law of the People's Republic of China on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests.

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This Law is enacted for the purposes of protecting the lawful rights and interests of consumers, maintaining the order of society and economy, and promoting the sound development of the socialist market economy. The Law consists of 8 Chapters: General Provisions; Rights of Consumers; Obligations of Business Operators; Protection of Lawful Rights and Interests of Consumers by the State; Consumer Organizations; Settlement of Disputes; Legal Liability; Supplementary Provisions.
The state shall take measures to ensure the exercise of rights by consumers in accordance with the law and protect the lawful rights and interests of consumers. Business operators shall guarantee the quality, performances, use, and useful life of their provided commodities or services in the normal use of the commodities or receipt of services. After discovering any defects which may endanger personal or property safety in their provided commodities or services, business operators shall immediately report to the relevant administrative departments and inform consumers; and take measures such as cessation of sale, issuance of a warning, recall, harmless treatment, destruction, and cessation of production or service.
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