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Hygiene and Official Control of Foodstuffs Regulations, 2006 (P.I. 320/2006).

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With the purpose of harmonizing the Cypriot legislative framework with Commission Directives 96/3/Euratom, 98/28/EC and 2004/4/EC and partial implementation of Regulation (EC) Nos. 852/2004 and 882/2004, the Cabinet of Ministers issue the present Regulations. Technical terms mentioned in these Regulations shall be understood as defined by the principal law and Regulations (EC) Nos. 178/2002, 852/2004 and 882/2004. Regulation 3 prescribes that a Register of food business operators shall be kept. In particular, every food business operator shall notify the Ministry of Health of each establishment under its control that carries out any of the stages of production, processing and distribution of food, with a view to the registration of each such establishment. As regards the designation of laboratories that may carry out the analysis of samples taken during official controls, Regulation 6 prescribes that official laboratories have to comply with the requirements laid down in article 12 (2) of Regulation (EC) No. 882/2004. Two Annexes are attached to the text of these Regulations.
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Efimerida tis Dimokratias No. 4124, Part III, Supplement I, 28 July 2006, pp. 2760-2781.
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2006 ( . . . 320/2006).