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Law of Animal Health (Amendment) Law of 2014 (No. 36(I)/2014).

Type of law

This Act may be cited as Animal Health Laws of 2001 and should be read together with them on the Animal Health Laws of 2001-2012 (which are hereinafter referred to as the "basic law") together as the Animal Health Laws of 2001-2014. Article 2 is amended by adding the following new terms and their definitions: Market animal value, as the animal value which would normally be received by the owner of the animal before the infection or slaughtering, taking account of the capacity, quality and age of the animal; market value of the animal product, as the price of animal product which would normally be levied by the owner of the animal, if the animal product is sold before the animal is infected or slaughtered; objects compensation value means the estimated value of damaged items by their physical condition and not their replacement value. In addition, amendments deal with the valuation criteria of the animal and animal products and the determination of the maximum amount of compensation is calculated based on the market value of such animal or animal product.
Date of text
This Law amends the following Laws: No. 82(I) of 2003; No. 116(I) of 2007; No. 20(I) of 2009; No. 43(I) of 2012.
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. . . ( ), . 4437, 28.3.2014.
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( ) 2014 (N. 36(I)/2014).