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Guidance No. 9300 on Ecology Promotion Scheme.

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This Guide should be implemented when applying for an agreement of funding for the period 1 May - 1 July 2014. Information is provided for grants and the eligibility thereof. The document includes a guide for the disbursement of grants, instructions on payment (electronically and through the Danish AgriFish Agency s website The subsidy scheme is part of the Danish rural development, which generally aims to create growth and development in rural areas. It is possible to apply for financial subsidy for the promotion of production and marketing of organic food, by supporting organic conversion in public kitchens through trained kitchen staff. The goal of this document is to help increase the demand for organic food, and therefore the need of organic products production. The grant may be of 100% of eligible costs of conversion of public kitchens and an the equivalent of 28 million DKK has been allocated for 2014.
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Legislation Amendment
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Vejledning om kologifremmeordningen.