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Order No. 1232 on Pesticides.

Type of law

This Order applies to pesticides and sets regulations regarding their authorization for use and possession. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shall regulate tasks conferred to national competent authorities, including the evaluating competent authorities, and shall approve biocide products authorization for use. Submitted applications for the approval of pesticides must indicate whether the agent can be described as hazardous. Pesticides shall be utilized to fight fungi, algae, and pests. Import and trade of biocide products shall be subject to prior authorization by the Minister of Environment to ensure compliance with EU regulations.
The Order consists of 15 Chapters and 5 Appendices: Scope and definitions (1); Approval of pesticides (2); Approval of biocide products not covered by Biocide regulations (3); Trade and possession of pesticides (4); Special provisions for measures to combat rats (5); Special rules for plant protection (6); Experimental test of biocide products (7); Consultation of the National Action Plan (8); Charges and fees (9); Mandatory notification of biocide products (10); Data protection and sharing of biocide products (11); Administrative provisions (12); Penalties (13); Entry into force (14); Transitional provisions (15).
Appendix 1 - Requirements for application for approval in accordance with article 15 of a chemical biocide product.
Appendix 2 - Information on labels (art. 17, section 1).
Appendix 3 - Authorized manufacturing and analytical tolerances for biocides (art. 4).
Appendix 4 - Overview of basic and fees for processing cases of biocide products. All fees are in Danish Crowns (DKK).
Appendix 5 - Overview of basic and fees for processing cases of plant protection.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
11 November 2015. Article 19 (sections 3-4) art. 40, 63 (sect. 1, No. 25-26) enter into force on 26 November 2015.
Article 19 (sections 3-4) - Pesticides may only be sold in unbroken original packaging. The following, both in concentrated form and ready for use, may be sold to private users: 1) Microbiological plants, 2) products based solely on active substance measures such as insect soaps or fatty acids, 3) products based solely on active substance measures consisting of sulfur or iron compounds, and 4) pheromones for insect confusion.Art. 40 - Grassland with public access ensuring a controlled exposure to approved plant protection products.Art. 63 (sect. 1, No. 25-26) penalties provisions for non-adhering with authorization of possessing or selling crop protection products in concentrated form and unauthorized plant protection products applied on recreational and public areas.
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Bekendtg relse om bek mpelsesmidler.
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