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Order No. 1551 on conditions for commercial fishing of eels in saltwater and freshwater.

Type of law

This Order sets regulations on the commercial exploitation of eels in saltwater and freshwater, After 1 July 2009, persons and companies may only fish and land eels when in possession of licence issued by the Danish Agri-Fish Agency, which authorizes methods and tools of fishing. The regulations include guidelines for these activities in freshwater, saltwater and inland waters.
The Order consists of 16 Chapters: Scope and definitions (1); Requirements for permission to fish eel or tool use in accordance with specific provisions (2); Rules for the use of tools suitable for catching eels (3); Storage and revenue of eel (4); Issue of licenses for eel fishing (5); Conditions for obtaining authorization on the basis of registered sales of landed eel (6); Authorisation of eel fisheries in coastal waters (7); The fishing of eel in salt water areas without special permit (8); Authorisation for eel fishing in freshwater areas (9); Fishing of eel in inland waters without special permit (10); Validity of license, landing vessels (11); Termination of license (12); Chance of granting authorization in special cases for eel fishing in saltwater (13); Chance of temporary permits and distribution of permits (14); Penalty provisions (15); Entry into force (16).
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 January 2016.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om betingelserne for erhvervsm ssigt fiskeri af l i saltvand og ferskvand.