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Order No. 1729 on protection of livestock during transport.

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This Order sets regulations with regard to livestock transportation and various rules established in related transport area requirements, length of authorized animal transport, methods of transport and approval certification thereof. The Order applies to cattle, horses, sheep and goats, pigs, poultry and domestic animals. The Order implements EU directives and is regulated by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (responsible for the issuance of certification post-inspection), the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Transport.
The Order consists of 7 Chapters and 2 Appendices: Scope and definitions (1); Additional rules for transport of animals covered by transport regulations (2); Additional rules for travels of mammals and birds only taking place in Denmark (3); Revocation of certificates and certificates of approval (4); Mitigation measures (5); Fees (6); Penalties and entry into force (7).
Appendix 1 - Council Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005 of 22 December 2004.
Appendix 2 Area requirements (load resistance).
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5 January 2005.
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Legislation Amendment
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Bekendtg relse om beskyttelse af dyr under transport.