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Protection of Animals Act (No. 473 of 2014).

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The Act provides for the supervision of the treatment of animals by authorities and regulation-making powers of the Minister of Justice and lays down general principles for the treatment and killing of animals. The Act provides for the establishment of the Animal Ethics Council which shall advise the Minister of Justice on further regulation under this Act. The Minister for Food, Agriculture and Fisheries establishes rules related to required written communication form which shall now be electronically and the use of certain IT systems (digital formats, digital signature etc.). Regulations derogating from the signature requirements shall be prescribed in a way that appeals for personal signature cannot be waived for certain documents (articles 27a-c).
The Act consists of 9 Chapters: General provisions (1); Killing, surgical procedures, and the like (2); Presentation and trade (3); Inspection (4); Animal Ethics Council (5); Specific advice concerning animal welfare issues (6); Council concerning the keeping of specific animals (6a); Administrative regulations (7); Duty of digital communication (7a); Penalties, fees (8); Entry into force and transitional provisions (9).
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The Act does not apply to Greenland nor to the Faroe Islands.
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Bekendtg relse af dyrev rnsloven.
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