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Order No. 722 on export of food.

Type of law

This Order contains rules for food export of meat to third countries in adherence to EC regulations concerning food safety and food hygiene. All meat (including pork, poultry, milk, fish and their products) require approval for export by the authorities of the country of provenience, and analytical control data of meat products.
The Order consists of 14 Chapters and 6 Appendices: Scope and definitions (1); General provisions (2); Export requiring special export approval by authorities (3); Exporting to Canada (4); Exports to Japan (5); Export to China (6); Exports to Korea (7); Exports to Malaysia (8); Exports to Russia (9); Exports to Singapore (10); Exports to Taiwan (11); Exports to the United States of America - USA (12); Penalties (13); Entry into force (14).
Appendix 1 - Procedures for applying for approval of export to specific third countries (applicable to businesses treating or storing foodstuff).
Appendix 2 - Additional conditions for the export to Canada of swine and products thereof.
Appendix 3 - Additional provisions for exports to Japan of swine meet, poultry and products thereof.
Appendix 4 - Additional conditions for the export to China of swine meat, including eatable offal.
Appendix 5 - Additional criteria for the export of meat and meat products to Singapore.
Appendix 6 - Additional provisions for exports to USA of swine meat, poultry and products thereof.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
30 May 2015.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om eksport af f devarer.