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Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2075/2005 laying down specific rules on official controls for Trichinella in meat.

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This Regulation establishes measures intended to prevent human disease caused by the consumption of meat infested with Trichinella. In particular, the Regulation makes provision on controls to be carried out on meat. It defines the obligations of competent authorities and of food business operators. Provision on imports are also laid down. The Regulation consists of four Chapters and four Annexes. Annex I, which deals with detection methods, is composed of the following Chapters: (I) Reference methods of detection; (II) Equivalent methods; (III) Trichinoscopic examination. Annex II concerns freezing treatments. Annex III applies to examination of animals other than swine. Annex IV establishes detailed conditions for Trichinella-free holdings and regions with a negligible Trichinella risk.
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Official Journal of the European Union L 338, 22 December 2005, pp. 60-82.
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