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Order No. 726 on the addition to food of certain substances other than vitamins and minerals.

Type of law

This Order applies to food additives, including supplements, of the following substances: (1) Substances which are not vitamins nor minerals and which have, or have been added, for the purpose of having a nutritional or physiological effect; and (2) Aromas and food additives which, in addition to being added as aromas or food additives, also have, or have been added for the purpose of having, a nutritional or physiological effect. Food additives shall be used in accordance with Annex 1. However, when a food additive is not covered by a general permission, it shall be notified to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration according 5. Substances that are not included in general or individual permissions shall be approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.
The Order consists of three Chapters and three Appendices: Chapter 1. Scope and definition; Chapter 2. Terms of applications; Chapter 3. Administration, penalties and entry into force.
Annex 1 - General permissions.
Annnex 2 - Specifications for identity, purity and analytical methods.
Annex 3 - Information required for review and filing for approval.
Date of text
Entry into force notes
1 July 2020.
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Legislation Amendment
Original title
Bekendtg relse om tils tning af visse andre stoffer end vitaminer og mineraler til f devarer.