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Order No. 846 on obligatory energy audit in large commercial enterprises.

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The Order sets regulations concerning the mandatory auditing of energy supply provided by commercial and large companies and subsidiaries in Denmark and Danish subsidiaries of large foreign companies. Prior to 5 December 2015, energy audits must be carried out by DANAK (The Danish Accreditation Fund) accredited professionals and at least every 4 years. Energy audit shall meet the following requirements: Updated, measured, traceable operating data on energy (1); Include a detailed review of the energy profile of buildings or groups of buildings, industrial activities or facilities, and transportation (2); Construction of a life cycle cost analysis instead of simple payback periods to take into account long-term savings, long-term investments residual values and discount rates whenever possible (3); Be proportionate and sufficiently large to make it possible to draw an accurate picture of the overall energy performance and reliably identify the most significant opportunities for improvement (4); Allow for detailed and validated calculations of the proposed measures, so as to provide accurate information on potential savings (5); The data used in energy audits shall be retained by the operator for historical analysis and development of energy performance.
This Act consists of 5 Chapters: Scope and definitions (1); Mandatory energy audits (2); Qualifications and requirements to carry out energy audits (3); Reporting and notifications (4); Entry into force (5).
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Entry into force notes
8 July 2014.
The energy audits carried out after 4 December 2012 and before the entry into force of this Order shall be deemed to comply with their requirements.Companies that are certified according to the Danish Transport Authority s rules for Green certification of transport shall meet the requirements of Chapter 2 until 1 March 2016 if the documentation is submitted to Danish Energy Agency by 5 December 2015. Following this date, there shall be a period of two years to comply with its provisions.
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Bekendtg relse om obligatorisk energisyn i store virksomheder.