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Law No. 48 of 1982 concerning the protection of the Nile River and the water channels against pollution.

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This Law is divided into 20 articles. To be applied in what is considered water channels: (a) fresh water areas include the Nile River, 2 branches and canals with its different degrees; (b) non fresh water areas include water channels with its different degrees, lakes, pools and water in closed system; (c) undergroundwater reservoir (art. 1). It is forbidden to discharge in water channels solid, liquid or gaseous waters from real states, shops, commercial, industrial and tourist establishments or from sanitary drainage without a licence from the Ministry of Irrigation according to the Ministry of Public Health (art. 2). The owners of House-Boats and tourist House-Boats standing on the Nile River or its tow branches are requested to find a system to treat or gather the wastes and discharge them in the sewage drain or in the sanitary drain (art. 5). The Ministry of Irrigation is responsible to issue licences for the new houseboats on the Nile and renewal of existing licences (art. 6). It is forbidden for Ferry Boat Units used for transportation, tourist or other to discharge the fuel leakage used in the channels waters (art. 7) Precaution is to be taken by the Ministry of Agriculture when choosing pesticides to abate agricultural pests (art. 10). Precaution is to be taken by the Ministry of Irrigation when choosing herbicides to abate water herbs (art. 11). It is not allowed to reuse water channels directly or mixed with water for any purpose, unless it is proved valid for use (art. 12). The Implementing Regulation of this Law will fix due fees without exceeding the maximum amount mentioned in the attached statement and wil also fix expenses for executing regulations of this Law (art. 15). The Ministry of Irrigation will issue the Implementing Regulation of this Law after consulting the concerned Ministries within three months from the publication of the Law (art. 17). Articles 10-12, 16, and 19 are now cancelled from Law no. 93 of 1962 concerning liquid waste discharge and any regulation contradicting the regulations of this Law (art. 18).
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This Law enters into force three months after its publication in the Official Gazette.
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48 1982