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Commission Decision 2002/251/EC concerning certain protective measures with regard to poultrymeat and certain fishery and aquaculture products intended for human consumption and imported from Thailand.

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This Decision lays down particular protective measures which shall apply to poultrymeat and shrimps imported from Thailand. Member States shall, using appropriate sampling plans and detection methods, subject each consignment of poultrymeat and each consignment of shrimps imported from Thailand to a chemical test in order to ensure that the products concerned do not present a danger to human health. That test must be carried out with a view to detecting the presence of antimicrobial substances and in particular nitrofurans and their metabolites. Member States shall inform promptly the Commission of the results of the above-mentioned test by making use of the Rapid Alert System for Food set up by Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002.
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Official Journal L 84, 28 March 2002, pp. 77 and 78.
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