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Council Directive 91/629/EEC laying down minimum standards for the protection of calves.

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This Directive lays down the minimum standards for the protection of calves confined for rearing and fattening. Member States shall ensure that that from 1 January 1994 and for a transitional period of four years, all holdings newly built or rebuilt shall have sufficient space and calves are kept in good conditions. Member States shall ensure that inspections are carried out under the responsibility of the competent authority in order to check that the provisions of this Directive and its Annex are complied. In order to be imported into the Community, animals coming from a non-member country must be accompanied by a certificate issued by the competent authority of that country, certifying that they have received treatment at least equivalent to that granted to animals of Community origin as provided for by this Directive. Member States shall ensure that the conditions for rearing calves comply with the general provisions laid down in the Annex. (12 articles and 1 Annex)
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Official Journal L 340, 11 December 1991, pp. 28-32.
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