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Climate Change Act (No. 609 of 2015).

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This Act lays down provisions on the tasks of state authorities in drawing up climate change policy plans and ensuring their implementation. It establishes a framework for the planning of climate change policy in Finland and the monitoring of its implementation. It also seeks to enhance and coordinate the activities of state authorities in planning measures that are aimed at mitigation of climate change and adaptation to it, and at the monitoring of the implementation of these measures and to strengthen the opportunities of Parliament and the public to participate in and affect the planning of climate change policy in Finland. Planning of climate change policy shall be carried out so as to: 1) to ensure the fulfilment of obligations under the treaties binding on Finland and under the legislation of the European Union to reduce and monitor greenhouse gases; 2) to reduce anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, to mitigate climate change through national actions, and to adapt to climate change.
Plans made pursuant to this Act shall be taken into account when other legislation is prepared and state authorities shall promote the implementation of plans in accordance with this Act as far as possible. The planning system for climate change policy and its purpose and goal are outlined. The Act details the issues of a Long-term plan for climate change policy, a National adaptation plan for climate change, and a medium-term plan for climate change policy. The Act also provides with respect to monitoring the implementation of the climate change policy plans and reporting to Parliament regarding the policy and plans and annually on climate change. Duties of Ministries and other administrative bodies regarding the planning process are specified.
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Provisions on emissions of greenhouse gases in the emissions trading sector and measures taken to reduce them are included in the Emissions Trading Act (311/2011), the Act on Aviation Emissions Trading (34/2010), and the Act on the Use of the Kyoto Mechanisms (109/2007).
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Unofficial translation of the Ministry of the Environment, Finland.
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Climate Change
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