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Fisheries Act (Chapter 158).

Type of law
Date of original text

An Act to make provision for the regulation of fishing in the fisheries waters of Fiji.
The text consists of 20 sections: Short title (1); Interpretation (2); Appointment of fish wardens (3); Application of Act to the exclusive economic zone (4); Licence to take fish (5); Registration (6); Power of examination and detention (7); Cancellation of licence to take fish (8); Regulations (9); Offences (10); Power to permit use of explosives (11); Rewards (12); Protection of native customary rights (13); Native fisheries commission (14); Inquiry (15); Announcement of decision (16); Appeal (17); Power to summon witnesses (18); Registration (19); Copy of register (20).
Terms "exclusive economic zone", "fish", "fishing" and "foreign fishing vessel" shall have the meaning assigned to them by subsection (1) of section 2 of the Marine Spaces Act. A licensing Officer may, at discretion, grant fishing licences. However, subject to subsection (2) of section 12 of the Marine Spaces Act, no foreign fishing licence shall be granted without prior approval of the Minister. The Minister may, by regulation, exempt any person from the necessity of possessing a fishing licence (sec.5). Section 13 provides for the protection of fishing rights registered by the Native Fisheries Commission appointed by the Minister under section 14 of this Act.
Long title of text
An Act to make provision for the regulation of fishing.
Date of consolidation/reprint
Consolidated text of Ordinance No. 4 of 1941 as amended by Ordinances Nos. 14 of 1943, 2 of 1945, 20 of 1949, 8 of 1951, 16 of 1958, 34 of 1959, 26 of 1964, 7 of 1966, 37 of 1966 and Acts No. 34 of 1976, No. 22 of 1977, Legal Notice 87 of 1979 and Decree No. 46 of 1991.
Publication reference
Regional Compendium of Fisheries Legislation (Western PAcific Region), FAO, June 1993, pp. 589-613.
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