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Avian Influenza (Slaughter and Vaccination) (Scotland) Regulations 2006 (S.S.I. No. 337 of 2006).

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These Regulations carry into effect for Scotland Council Directive 2005/94/EC on Community measures for the control of avian influenza repealing Directive 92/40/EEC insofar as it deals with vaccination against avian influenza, preventive eradication and imposing a duty to slaughter birds on infected premises.
The Regulations, among other things: enable the Scottish Ministers to carry out preventive eradication and for this purpose kill all poultry and other captive birds on infected premises; impose a general prohibition on vaccination of animals against avian influenza except where required by the Scottish Ministers; and require the Scottish Ministers to declare vaccination zones in areas which contain poultry or other captive birds which they consider should be vaccinated to prevent the risk of the spread of avian influenza, or to serve vaccination notices on premises where such birds are kept.
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