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Council Directive 2005/94/EC on Community measures for the control of avian influenza and repealing Directive 92/40/EEC.

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The present Directive establishes: (a) particular preventive measures relating to the surveillance and the early detection of avian influenza and increasing the level of the competent authorities' and the farming community's awareness of, and preparation for, the risks of that disease; (b) the minimum control measures to be applied in the event of an outbreak of avian influenza in poultry or other captive birds and the early detection of possible spread of avian influenza viruses to mammals; (c) other subsidiary measures to avoid the spread of influenza viruses of avian origin to other species. Member States remain free to take more stringent measures in the field covered by this Directive.
The Directive consists of the following Chapters: (I) Subject matters, scope and definitions; (II) Preventive biosecurity, surveillance, notifications and epidemiological inquiries; (III) Suspected outbreaks; (IV) Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI); (V) Low Pathogenic Avian Influenza; (VI) Measures aimed at avoiding the spread of influenza viruses of avian origin to other species; (VII) Cleansing, disinfection and repopulation; (VIII) Diagnostic procedures, diagnostical manual and reference laboratories; (IX) Vaccination; (X) Community controls, penalties and contingency plans; (XI) Implementing powers and committee procedure; (X) Transitional and final provisions.
In addition, the following Annexes are attached: (I) Definition of avian influenza; (II) Notification of disease and further epidemiological information to be provided by Member States; (III) Authorization to remove eggs from a holding in accordance with article 8(3) and article 13(3); (IV) Main criteria and risk factors to be considered for the Decision to apply measures in contact holdings or holdings and areas at risk in the further restricted zones; (V) Criteria for the Decision to apply measures to holdings in relation to LPAI; (VI) Principles and procedures for cleansing, disinfection and treatment of holdings; (VII) Community reference laboratory for avian influenza; (VIII) Function and duties of the national reference laboratories; (IX) Requirements for movements of poultry or other captive birds and poultry products applicable in relation to emergency vaccination; (X) Criteria for contingency plans.
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Official Journal of the European Union L 10, 14 January 2005, pp. 16-65.
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