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Food Additives (Scotland) Regulations 2009 (S.S.I. No. 436 of 2009).

Type of law

These Regulations provide, in relation to Scotland, rules for the use of food additives as defined by these Regulations and Community legislation implemented by these Regulations.
The Regulations prohibit the use of colours, sweeteners and miscellaneous additives that are not permitted by specified Community legislation. They also concern the use of food additives in food for infants or young children and the sale and placing on the market of food additives. They provide that, where food is certified as being food which it is an offence under these Regulations to use, sell or place on the market, the food will be treated for the purposes of section 9 of the Food Safety Act 1990 as failing to comply with food safety requirements.
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These Regulations amend also the Mineral Hydrocarbons in Food Regulations 1966.
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