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Meat Products (Scotland) Regulations 2004 (S.S.I. No. 6 of 2004).

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These Regulations: (a) define "meat" and "meat product" for the purposes of these Regulations and provide an exception for certain meat products (reg. 2 and Schedule 1); (b) specify the scope of the Regulations (reg. 3); (c) restrict the use of reserved descriptions to the meat products to which they relate (reg. 4 and Schedule 2); (d) prescribe additional labelling requirements for certain meat products (reg. 5); (e) subject to an exception, prohibit the sale of uncooked meat products which include as ingredients specified parts of the carcase of mammals (regulation 6); (f) specify a penalty and enforcement authorities (reg. 7);(g) apply specified provisions of the Food Safety Act 1990 for the purposes of the Regulations (reg. 9); (h) amend the Food Labelling Regulations 1996 (S.I. 1996/1499 as amended) by (i) inserting in regulation 2(1) a definition of "meat product", and (ii) inserting in regulation 23 a new paragraph 2(c) requiring that the meat content of certain meat products be quantified in the list of ingredients, and provide exceptions in a new Schedule 4A (reg. 10 and Schedule 4); and (j) provide an exemption from labelling requirements for prescribed additional ingredients (Schedule 3).
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Coming into force on 4 February 2004.
These Regulations revoke, and replace the Meat Products and Spreadable Fish Products (Scotland) Regulations 1984 (S.I. 1984/1714), as amended.
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