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Local Government Byelaws (Wales) Act 2012 (2012 anaw 2).

Type of law

This Act concerns certain regulatory powers of local government authorities, the supevision by the Welsh Minister concerning such powers and other related matters. It: (a) reforms procedures for the making byelaws in Wales, including removing a requirement for confirmation of byelaws by the Welsh Ministers; (b) enables certain byelaws to be enforced by fixed penalty notices; (c) requires authorities that make byelaws to have regard to any guidance given by the Welsh Ministers on procedure; (d) restates for Wales a general power to make byelaws. Each of the following is a legislating authority for the purposes of this Act: (a) a council for a county or county borough in Wales; (b) a community council; (c) a National Park authority in Wales; (d) the Countryside Council for Wales. A council for a county or county borough in Wales may make byelaws : (a) for the good rule and government of the whole or any part of its area; (b) for the prevention and suppression of nuisances in its area. Schedule 1 sets out the lists of byelaw making powers.
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An Act of the National Assembly for Wales to make provision for the powers of county councils, county borough councils, community councils and other public bodies to make byelaws; the procedure for making byelaws; the enforcement of byelaws; and for connected purposes.
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