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Planning (Wales) Act 2015 (2015 anaw 4).

Type of law

This Act concerns development planning in Wales. It makes provision about sustainable development in the exercise of functions relating to development planning and applications for planning permission. The Act, among other things: provides for the preparation and revision of a National Development Framework for Wales and for the designation of strategic planning areas, the establishment of strategic planning panels and the preparation of strategic development plans; require applications for planning permission for development of national significance in Wales to be made to the Welsh Ministers instead of a local planning authority; provide with respect to consultations on development; make amendments to other legislation including the Water Resources Act 1991 and the Environment Act 1995. The Welsh Ministers may by Regulations (a) designate an area in Wales as a strategic planning area for the purposes of this Part, and (b) establish a strategic planning panel for that area. The Act also concerns certain matters concerning village greens (common property).
Long title of text
An Act of the National Assembly for Wales to make provision about national, strategic and local development planning in Wales; to make provision for certain applications for planning permission and certain other applications to be made to the Welsh Ministers; to make other provision about development management and applications for planning permission; to make provision about planning enforcement, appeals and certain other proceedings; to amend the Commons Act 2006; and for connected purposes.
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Entry into force notes
Section 58 provides with respect to coming into force of this Act.
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