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Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (Chapter 69).

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The text consists of 74 sections divided into 4 Parts: Wildlife (I); Nature Conservation, Countryside and National Parks (II); Public Rights of Way (III); Miscellaneous and General. Part I is subdivided into various Chapters carrying the following titles; protection of Birds (sects. 1-8); Protection of other animals (sects. 9-13); Protection of plants (sect. 13); Miscellaneous (sects. 14-15); Supplemental (sects. 16-27). Part II provides also for marine nature reserves (sect. 36) and the Countryside Commission (sect. 47). Part III concerns the ascertainment of public rights of way and related matters. The Act is completed by 17 Schedules.
Long title of text
An Act to repeal and re-enact with amendments the Protection of Birds Acts 1954 to 1967 and the Conservation of Wild Creatures and Wild Plants Act 1975; to prohibit certain methods of killing or taking wild animals; to amend the law relating to protection of certain mammals; to restrict the introduction of certain animals and plants; to amend the Endangered Species (Import and Export) Act 1976; to amend the law relating to nature conservation, the countryside and National Parks and to make provision with respect to the Countryside Commission; to amend the law relating to public rights of way; and for connected purposes.**
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Last modification has been made by The West Midlands Rail Freight Interchange Order 2020 on 25 May 2020. There are outstanding changes not yet made by the editorial team to Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
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