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Commons Act 2006 (Chapter 26).

Type of law

This Act continues to make provision with respect to the registration, use and tenure of common land, the management and control of agricultural activities, vegetation, the exercise of rights of common on common land and related matters.
The commons registration authorities shall continue to keep registers of common land and town or village greens and may deregister common land and make other amendments in respect of the register as provided for in this Act.
The appropriate national authority shall have the powers to establish commons councils with functions related to the management of agricultural activities, vegetation and the exercise of rights of common on common land or on town or village greens where rights of common exist over such land. The management shall concern in particular grazing also with a view to nature conservation and international obligations (e.g. under the European Habitats Directive) and national conservation objectives. By establishing commons councils, commoners, owners of common land and other interests will be able to work together to manage agricultural activities and the vegetation to meet the varied demands made on common land.
The Act also: prohibits the carrying out of works on certain common land without the consent of the appropriate national authority; confers on it powers of intervention to deal with situations where unauthorized agricultural activities are taking place and damaging the common in an uncontrolled manner; and specifies powers that enable local authorities to step in to protect unclaimed common land and town or village greens from unlawful interference.
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An Act to make provision about common land and town or village greens; and for connected purposes.
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Entry into force notes
Please see section 56.
This Act amends other Acts as set out in Schedules 5 and 6 and repeals the Commons Registration Act 1965 (c. 64) and the Common Land (Rectification of Registers) Act 1989 (c. 18).
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