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Act No. CII of 2013 concerning fisheries and the protection of fish.

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The Act is composed of five chapters: General provisions (I); General protection of fish and its habitat (II); Fish farming (III); Duties and competences of the State in connection with fish farming administration(IV); Final provisions (V). This Act lays down rules regarding the exercise of the fish farming right; rights and duties of activities performed in Hungarian waters and on their banks, connected to fish farming and to the protection of fish and its habitat, and to persons performing such activities; the scope of duties and competences related to fish farming governance; and fish and fish product trade. In case of protected fish species and of other useful aquatic animals, the provisions of this Act are to be applied together with the provisions of the Act on nature protection. The right to fish farming, on waters declared usable for such activities, is property of the State and it is exercised through the minister of agriculture. The right to fish farming may be leased or given in trusteeship. The fish farming authority keeps a register of entitled entities to fish farming and of waters used for fish farming. Fish farming organizations shall make a five-year-long fish farming plan. This Act foresees also sanctions for offenders, among others the fish farming and the fish protection penalties.
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First entry into force on 1 September 2013.
Consolidated version
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Magyar K zl ny 102. sz m, 2013. j nius 21., pp. 55444-55465.
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Legislation Amendment
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2013. vi CII. t rv ny a halgazd lkod sr l s a hal v delm r l.