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Act No. XLI of 1997 on fishing.

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The Act composed of eight chapters: Preliminary provisions (I); The right to fish (II); Fisheries (III); The protection of fish and fish habitats (IV); Administrative duties and competencies (V); Offences and penalties (VI); Financial provisions (VII); Final provisions (VIII).
This Act provides rules for the preservation and continuous regeneration of animal and plant diversity. It also regulates fishing rights in accordance with market economy imperatives and the conservation of natural habitats of aquatic flora and fauna and waters in general. In particular, it regulates the conditions for the exercise of fishing rights in natural and artificial waters; activities related to fisheries and to the protection of fish and fish habitat; rights and duties of persons dealing with such activities and the duties and competencies of the fisheries administration. It also covers prohibited fishing gear and methods, guard service, killing of game harmful to fish stock and its food sources and, lastly, in case of fisheries imports, to fish breeding plants (fish ponds). Protected species are governed by the provisions of the Nature Protection Act as well. The right to fish is inherent in the ownership right of water unless otherwise provided for by this Act. Fishing rights shall be registered in the real estate registry and may be leased. Provisions on fishing licences, prohibited fishing gear, fishing methods, planning and management are set forth in Chapter III. This Act establishes the National Fishing Register containing data regarding waters available for fishing, fishing right bearers, fisheries plans and implementation, and the quantity, quality and species of fish caught for consumption or introduced for repopulation purposes. Article 34 of Chapter III requires that persons bearing fishing rights organize the guard service. Administration of fisheries activities is carried out by the Minister and fisheries inspectors. Violators of this Act are liable to the payment of administrative or fish protection penalties. The latter shall be imposed on anyone who fishes without a valid licence or during a closed season or by using prohibited fishing gear and methods. Article 52 of Chapter VII specifies the activities eligible for subsidy and the sources of such funds. State fishing rights in private waters shall terminate on 1 January 1999.
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The consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 6 April 2013.
The linked text contains both the Act and its implementing Decree. The Act is put in bold.
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1997. vi XLI. t rv ny a hal szatr l s a horg szatr l