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Act No. CLXVIII of 2011 on handling weather-related and other natural risks affecting agricultural production.

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The purpose of this Act is to create a risk pool for the mitigation of the impact of negative weather and other natural events, to strengthen the responsibility of farmers based on self-provisioning, to render more efficient the state aid and to distribute responsibility proportionately. This Act in composed of four chapters. In Chapter I lays down general provisions, such as definitions of terms used. Article 3 establishes that damages caused by natural disasters to agricultural producers must be shared among the agricultural producer, the buyer having stipulated contracts before harvesting, the insurer, the lessor of the agricultural land and the state. Chapter II regulates the system of risk management and its financial resources. There are also rules on the contribution to the insurance premium. Chapter III provides for the management of damages caused by vis major weather or other natural events to farms and forestries. Chapter IV contains final provisions.
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The latest consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 17 November 2014.
Consolidated version
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Magyar K zl ny 148. sz m, 2011. december 9., pp.37346-37357.
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2011. vi CLXVIII. t rv ny a mez gazdas gi termel st rint id j r si s m s term szeti kock zatok kezel s r l