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Decree No. 23 of 2002 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development on food hygiene standards of production and marketing of egg products.

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The Annex of this Decree contains detailed regulation regarding: general and special rules of authorization and operation of egg product processing, treating and packaging plants; hygiene standards for personnel, premises, furnishing and working tools; special hygiene standards regarding the production of egg products; standards regarding laboratory analyses; inspection of the production by the competent authorities; grading of eggs and egg products in terms of edibility; filling up containers with egg products; storage; transport; labelling. The Ministry shall register authorized plants. The producer must control the residue level of veterinary drugs, pesticides, cleaning substances and any other substance that may cause harm to humans. In case the residues in the analysed product exceed the maximum level determined in legal norms, such product may not be put on the market. Imported egg products must meet the standards of this Decree.
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On the day of entry into force of the Act publishing the international treaty regarding the accession of Hungary to the EU.
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Collection of Hungarian Rules of Law in Force.
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Legislation Amendment