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Decree No. 32 of 1999 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development on animal protection rules to be respected during animal husbandry.

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This Decree regulates in detail the conditions of keeping and breeding of animals for food production purposes, for their wool, leather or fur, and for other agricultural purposes. The breeder must keep a register of the stock, of death and the cause of death, of inspections, of treatments, of production and of sale or purchase of animals. Annex 1 deals with calf, Annex 2 deals with pigs, Annex 3 deals with the keeping of hen in coop, Annex 4 deals with the production of fattened liver, Annex 5 regulates feathers harvesting, Annex 6 provides rules for the interventions on farm animals without the use of anesthetic.
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The consolidated version of the text entered into force on 1 January 2012.
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32/1999. (III. 31.) FVM rendelet a mez gazdas gi haszon llatok tart s nak llatv delmi szab lyair l