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Law No. XXVIII of 1998 on animal protection.

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The intention of this Law is the promotion of the protection of animals, the increase of the sense of responsibility of humans in the interest of tolerant treatment of animals, and the determination of the principles of animal protection. This Law applies to animals kept or used for breeding and experimental purposes, for sporting events, kept as sheep dogs, guarding dogs, protecting dogs, rescue dogs, blind man's dog, etc., to animals used for hunting, to animals exhibited in shows and fairs, to animals kept by the army, the police and other guarding services, to pets, and lastly, to dangerous animals, stray domestic animals, animals kept in zoological gardens, reserves, and to wild animals in captivity if other rules of law do not prescribe otherwise. Animals must not be tortured, set against humans or other animals, trained to fight, feed forcibly, forced to performance exceeding their potential, made accustomed to unnatural and self-destructing activities. Animals may be killed only for acceptable purposes such as nutrition, fur production, stock regulation, fatal disease, risk of epidemic, destruction of harmful animals, prevention of attack, and scientific research. This Law contains special rules for the keeping and treatment of animals for slaughter and for dangerous animals in Chapter III. Chapter IV deals, in detail, with experiments. Transport of animals is ruled by Chapter V. General rules of establishment and maintenance of zoological gardens are set out in Chapter VI. Animal pensions and houses of refuge are regulated in Chapter VII. A penalty is foreseen for offenders in Chapter IX.
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First entry into force on 1 January 1999. The last consolidated version of the Act entered into force on 15 April 2015.
Publication reference
Magyar K zl ny 28. sz m, 1998. prilis 1., pp. 2407-2414.
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1998. vi XXVIII. t rv ny az llatok v delm r l s k m let r l
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